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What Is Life ?

Every philosophical text starts with a question – what is life ? And those texts have an answer mirroring to the author’s experiences and perceptions.

According to me, the answer to this question can never be subjective, universal, exact truth. Just like when we see ourselves in the lake, we see our own reflection, similarly, we answer this very common but deep question according to what we experience, what we feel and what we believe.

Everyone says, life begins in the womb. I think, life begins when our babbles turn into meaningful words, when our feet start touching the ground, when we start loving and hating, and most importantly, when our senses start feeling every touch, gaze, voice and emotion possibly existing in the whole universe.

To a child born with a silver spoon in its mouth, life is a mesmerizing merry-land where the whole universe does not have a single percentage of negativity. To a child who was born and brought-up on the road, life is a struggle-filled cobweb, with an unexpected catastrophe at every turn which challenges and applies the law of ‘survival of the fittest’.

I have always heard people saying that childhood is the most simple and happy period in anyone’s existence, without any complications, only embedding fun and frolic which is very true and believable. But just think, for a moment, about a child of a drunkard man who regularly beats his wife and the helpless child can do nothing but watch his mother’s wounds with tears in his eyes. Does that childhood looks as beautiful as this period is labelled to be ?

The second most generalized statement our ears are habitual of hearing is that, marriage means end of freedom and ‘fun-filled’ independent life. This too in some cases is right. But again, think about a prostitute, who was forced into this ruthless business, but who managed to elope with her lover, and finally her life-partner, slowly but steadily, healed all her mental wounds with love and care. Now does this marriage sounds miserable to you ?

We often hear our parents or grandparents saying that arranged marriages are better than love marriages. In many situations they are correct because they know better. But does this also apply to the marital rape victim whose love was snatched from her just to bind her with a beast who doesn’t even know how to respect the consent of a woman ?

We, the youth, always perceive that our parents are orthodox or backwards, who can never understand our lifestyle and challenges. Now, I can not disagree to this too. But what about those parents who supported their child’s dreams and wants, even  by going against the social norms ? Does this sound like orthodoxy ?

I can go on and on proving many such conceptions very shallow. There are thousands of exceptions, whether positive or negative. Do you know what all this contemplation brought me to ? Well, it brought me to a conclusion. It made me understand that nothing in this life has an exact definition. No one in this whole damn world has the power to confine life in a few words. Everyone just frames a definition and portray their own mind and call it life.

So, I just want to say to all my readers that never judge anyone’s way of living. You don’t know what they are going through. You can not define any situation or scenario of this life. Nor you can just force your perception on somebody and expect them to agree with it. Life is beautiful without judgement and generalization. Offer a helping hand and caring heart to everyone but if you can’t, then atleast do not judge and mock. Be happy, spread love and stay blessed !! 😊😊😘😘😇😇 

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Are you becoming an OBSCURIAL ???

Okay, I know some of you maybe don’t exactly understand the title right now, but trust me, it gets relevant.

So, peeps who have already watched Fanatstic Beasts And Where To Find Them, a movie which was a childhood revival for the Harry Potter generation, do know what I am talking about. For the muggles (who didn’t watch the movie 😉😁), an obscurial is a young wizard or witch, who developed a dark magical force, known as an Obscurus, as a result of their magic being suppressed. When an obscurial reaches it emotional breaking point, they lose control, releasing their Obscurus, which destroys everything in its path, including the obscurial itself. 

Now, coming to non-magic, real world, I would say, obscurials do exist. There are many people among us who muffle their emotions and feelings in a cocoon which they form just to avoid confrontation and exposure. These deep desires are actually the true form or nature of that individual. And I should say this, such containment of sentiments is fatal, whether it is done willingly or under pressure. And as J. K. Rowling describes it, this bottling-up has a saturation point. After reaching this, the obscurus releases and explodes. 

Let me explain this in a simple (no-maj😉😉) way. When we have to just suppress our passion, what we really like to do, who we truly are, due to peer pressure, parents’ support, society’s approval or any damn reason, it results in the formation of the obscurus in disguise of frustration, resentment and discouragement. And this devil grows and feeds on your’s as well as your surrounding’s positivity. This anger and annoyance not only affects you but also your near and dear ones and your relationship with them. All in all, your whole life becomes the puppet of this negativity. Similarly, when we try to curb the gloomy thoughts, like heart-break, hurt, tolerating the disrespect or any such emotion which tears us apart from the inside, the obscurus forms in the form of anxiety and depression. And we already know the results of its release.

These real life obscurials really need to be saved. They are feeding and nurturing their own end. We all are aware of the mental health problems and their adverse effects on the physical health. Then why to suppress all these feelings and get trapped in the negativity like this ? I know, sometimes, it’s not in our hand to do what we want, and in such cases, the answer lies in self-love and care. Meditation, relaxation and yoga can help us defeat these obscuruses living inside us. And when possible, just let go of everything and do what you love to do. Don’t tolerate anything that threatens your mental peace. After all, you can’t serve with an empty cup; when you are happy, only then can you spread happiness to your near and dear ones. 

So, all my readers, just give it a thought. If you are becoming an obscurial or you are watching someone becoming one, help. Help yourself and others. Because obscurials can only cause destruction and nothing else. Don’t kill yourself and hurt your loved ones with your own hands. I know life is hard, but keep one thing in mind, every cloud has a silver lining and every night is followed by the day. Don’t encase yourself in the cobweb of negativity. Love yourself and positivity will hug you and welcome you with open arms. Be happy, spread happiness and stay blessed !!! After all You Only Live Once. ☺️☺️❤️❤️

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Fathers’ Day – Is It Only For Fathers ???

First of all, wishing all my readers a very Happy Fathers’ Day. May we have the strength and blessings to fulfill all their dreams and cherish their oldage as they cherished our childhood.
Now, all of you must be thinking what’s with the title. Dont worry, I will break it to you.
Here is to celebrating this lovely occassion for all the mothers out there who are playing both the roles of a strong dad as well as a caring mum perfectly. Yes, you guessed it right, I am talking about all the single mothers across the world.
I just want to say something to the wonderful children of these strong and proud mothers. Guys, I know, no one can ever replace having the support, the confidence and the strength of a strong pillar beside you disguised as a father. But let me tell you something, your mum, is performing double role in your life’s play, just to fill that empty space, just to see you happy and satisfied. And to perform this role, she has to be strict yet understanding, strong yet caring, in a nutshell, hard yet soft. And this people, is not an easy task. She is doing everything she can so that you dont feel that something is missing from your life. So don’t you think that this effort should be given some recognition. I feel there is no need to answer this now.
Also, to the beings who are actually very lucky to have both your mum and dad in your life, please support the single motherhood. Don’t just stand there and criticize. You really dont know what these ladies are actually going through. If you can’t support then atleast don’t discourage. They are more strong then you see. Just put yourselves in their place and your heart will know how to react.

So, today I am requesting to all my readers, wish Happy Fathers’ Day to all the legendary ladies, our single mothers all over the world. Children, if you are lucky to have such a strong and loving mother-father duo played by your mum, make her feel special today. Make her smile like she has been making you smile all her life. This day is also for her.
Stay happy everyone and stay blessed !! 🙂 🙂

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Memories – The Mental Album

Hello to all my readers. Today I want all of us to take a trip to the moments which are gone, the stations which we have left since long.

Whenever we are alone, spending some ‘me’ time, or when we are in a crowd and see something or someone familiar, or at any second of 24/7, we sometimes get engulfed in the oceans of past – the memories. Whether good or bad, a slideshow of pictures from our mental album gets surfed by us. And ironically, we cry remembering the good times which will never come back and laugh at the ‘troubled me’ phase because we survived it. 

Just like many of us, I also sometimes find myself submerged in the waves of the past left behind. People, things and feelings which changed or vanished from my life. Among these, some changes are pleasurable, some are devastating, and sometimes the vanishing or end of these can also be good, but all of these experiences have one thing in common. They all taught me some of the very important lessons of life. All of them were educative. And the most important lessons that I learned from my past is that whatever happens, life goes on. 

While we said to someone that we can’t live without ‘them’, today many of us are surviving without many of ‘them’. We used to take some people for granted thinking they will never leave us and now many of them are not in our lives, and the worse part is, we couldn’t tell some of them how much they meant to us. Now we crave for just one chance to say to them that they are really important and we care for them. We thought that we will never get out of the troubles we are facing, but now many of us have already overcome that phase and living a successful life and the remaining have found the ways to get out of it. That’s the beauty of memories. Whether beautiful or ugly, they make us realise what we have achieved and what we have lost in our whole life in just few moments. They tell us that the train of life just stops for sometime at a particular station or phase, and then it moves on. It’s never stationary. But yes, that stoppage is very essential for all of us, as that is how we learn, we experience, we get matured and we improve. We learn that time will never stop for us and we should not take anything or anyone for granted, and just say and express what we feel at this exact moment when it is in our hands.

Today, I want to thank every people and situation that ever crossed my path of life, whether good or bad. The good ones I cherished, the bad ones, well I learned from them and improved. And also a big token of love to all those who are not in my life anymore and watching from the stars, I just want to say to them that I love them a lot and no one can replace them. They all will have a special place in my heart till the day I meet them at the stars itself.

So, today, I want to say to all my readers, whenever you find yourself in the deep forest of your memories, just look back at what you have achieved and what you have learned from the losses. And if you take this tour with this positive mindset, I assure you it will be one of the most beautiful trips you take. Spread love and stay blessed ☺️☺️

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Your Date With Yourself !! 

First of all really sorry for not writing anything on the ‘so-called’ official day of love – Valentines Day. Wishing you all a belated Valentine’s Day. What I feel is every day is a Valentine’s Day if you are with ‘The One’. But those who are still searching for their someone special and also those who are madly in love, have you all ever thought on going on a date with yourself, falling in love with yourself ?
I personally believe, before falling for anyone else, we should all fall in love with ourselves. We can’t give something to someone if we don’t have it in us. That also goes for love. Now, we all are still confused about the pieces of words that can completely fit in the puzzle called love. Many people have many different ideas of what love exactly is and according to me love is care, understanding, honesty, friendship and acceptance. Therefore, what I want to say is, care about yourself, understand and accept yourself completely, always be honest with yourself and make you, your best friend. And my experience says, when you are 100% satisfied in your skin, you feel the sense of completeness. And that makes your love for someone else unconditional. You are not dependent on someone else to praise you, to support you, to understand you because, in the first place, you are there for yourself.

Now, how to go on a date with yourself. Well, just spend some quiet, alone time in a place you find serene. Connect with your soul and listen to that little inner voice that is always there with you. Do what you love the most and drown in the moment. And I promise you, this date will become one of the most beautiful and lovely experiences of your life.

When you are madly in love with yourself, then you can easily perform a very difficult task which is to love without expectations. I know, loving someone obviously seeds some expectations, but at least we will not hate ourselves when something goes wrong. We will know whether we were at fault or not because loving yourself also involves knowing yourself. If we will know and accept our wrongs, we will be able to rectify those, and if we know we are right, well, then, we can accept the situation and move on without any guilt in our heart.

So, all I want to say to my beautiful and handsome readers is, fall madly in love with yourself, date yourself. If you can love yourself for what you are,no one in the world can put you down. Your love for that ‘special someone’ will become unconditional which is the most beautiful trinket of love. Love yourself, spread love and stay blessed !! ☺️☺️

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In today’s fast paced world, we are stuck and strangled in the cruel cobweb of personal and professional life. A world where people are  cherishing ‘things’ and using ‘people’ while it should be vice-versa.

In a place like this, there is no place for our sentiments and feelings. And that’s why, nowadays majority of population, especially youth, is facing depression, anxiety and what not. Now, these things are a state of mind. They are not diseases which can be cured by any medicine. Also giving advices to be happy will also not work. So how these people can overcome  this state. Well, this question is very difficult to answer.

First of all, don’t try to give advices to these people on the basis of your experiences. You don’t know what they are going through. If you give advices it will sound to them as a lecture which will annoy them and make situation worse. According to me, depression or anxiety can be conquered when the person himself/herself decides to conquer it and he/she has support of their dear ones. So, all they need from you is a mental support, an assurance that no matter what happens, you are there for them. This will be a better help than unnecessarily lecturing them about happiness and positivity. Always remember, positivity comes from inside, not by some preaching. If they are confident that they have support from anyone for any situation, they will automatically start feeling better. Mental support can do wonders when it comes to these psychological negativities. Once they have this support, they themselves will be strong enough to come out from this quicksand of gloom.

So it’s my suggestion to all my readers that if there is someone you know who is experiencing depression, in place of giving advice to them, just be with them. Ensure them you are there for them. They need peace of mind, not your piece of mind. Spread love and stay blessed ☺️☺️

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Loyalty or Slavery….?????????

blog 8 In today’s modern world, relationships are very common among youth. Young love is flourishing and is on hike now-a-days. Youngsters have their first love when they have not even passed their school. I am not against it but love is not as simple and beautiful as it sounds. Like it is correctly said, every coin has two sides. And to handle the negative or the complex side of love, maturity is vital from both the people.

Being in a relationship, some unsaid and unheard expectations arise in both the persons involved. And if you both truly love each other, obviously both will try to fulfill those expectations. But this is positive only when these expectations are fair. We all have to understand that being in love doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity and principles. Of-course adjusting is a part and parcel of any relation but we should never compromise our self-respect and values for them. Remember, till the end, only your inner self can give you inner peace. Without this inner peace, even if you reach the zenith of success, you will never be satisfied. And this inner self will be at peace when it does not carry any guilt or grudges. Guilt crops up when we go against our values, whether for ourselves or for any other person.

Also, one thing which should never be forgotten for a happy life is that never trust anyone or anyhing blindly. If your partner actually loves you, he/she will respect your values and even appreciate you for not going against them. And if your partner leaves you for this petty issue of not obeying them blindly, then dear, understand that he/she never really loved you. You have someone better for you in your future.

Just remember, you are a lover, not a slave who is obligated to complete their each and every order. Maintaining your individuality in a relationship is very important for you and your self-respect. Never sacrifice it for anyone. Your true love will be with you no matter what. Don’t chase demons when you deserve an angel who will accept you with your values.

So, it’s my advice to all my readers that never ever compromise your self-respect. In a perfect relationship, companionship between emotional heart and logical mind is very important. Trust, but don’t trust blindly, because if it all ends badly then it can mentally destroy you. But yes, love also has a very beautiful side to it, if you handle it with maturity and care. Love yourself, be happy an spread love…:-) 🙂