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What is Loneliness ?

We all know the literal meaning of loneliness. But is that it ? I don’t think so.

You are not lonely when no one is around you, you are lonely when, in a crowd of thousands of people, there is no one with whom you can talk and share your feelings. You are lonely when there no one who understands you completely. You are lonely when the closest person to your heart fails to grasp the meaning and feeling behind your words. You are lonely when the people whom you helped once, just disappear when you need them. You become lonely when the only soul who had the throne of your heart is snatched from you by God. You are lonely when the memories give you tears of gloom instead of tears of happiness. But above everything, you are lonely when you yourself don’t know what’s going on in your mind, when you don’t know why you are upset, when you don’t know why are seeing only the dim corner of misery when the whole room is lit with joy. You are the most lonely when you don’t know who you are anymore, when you don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, why are you hurting yourself and your near and dear ones. And trust me, if you are in this unfortunate situation, you can never be a positive influence or a soothing touch of love even for your loved ones, let alone other beings.

And after contemplating all this, I concluded that I love being ALONE, but I would love to die rather than being LONELY..!!

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Hello readers, this is my another attempt at Hindi poetry, hope you all like it..☺️

Jo mushkilon ki dhoop mein pyaar bhari raahat de,

Aisi hoti hai ik beti ki chhaanv..!

Jo akelepan ke andhere mein dosti ka sukoon de,

Aisi hoti hai ik behen ki chhaanv..!

Jo jeevan ke sangharsh mein sahaare ka chain de,

Aisi hoti hai ik patni ki chhaanv..!

Jo haar ki chot pe malham sa aaram de,

Aisi hoti hai ik maa ki chhaanv..!

Jo zindagi ke har mod pe, kadam kadam par saath ka vishraam de,

Aisi hoti hai jeevan mein ik naari ki chhaanv..!!!

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70th Independence Day..!!

After a ferocious struggle, our legendary freedom fighters gifted us the ‘Independence’ to live our lives without slavery towards anyone. Today, on the 70th anniversary of this auspicious day, let’s salute our ‘Bharat Mata’ and hope that India will soon be the best and most developed nations of the whole world..!! 

This sketch of mine is a small tribute to a great nation like India. Jai Hind..!! Bharat Mata ki Jai..!!

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Hello readers…this is my attempt at Hindi poem writing…do have a look and share your views 🙂 🙂

Mann laapata hona chahta hai,
Jheel ki lehron mein,
Raat ki meheron mein,
Bachpan ki chhuttiyon ki nehron mein.
Mann laapata hona chahta hai,
Baadlon ke garajne mein,
Boondon ke barasne mein,
Dhara ki pyaas bujhne mein.
Mann laapata hona chahta hai,
Sard hawaon mein,
Dhoop ki nigaahon mein,
Barf ki baahon mein.
Mann laapata hona chahta hai,
Patton ki sarsarahat mein,
Aandhi ki tez aahat mein,
Pedon ki ghabrahat mein.
Mann laapata hona chahta hai,
In sabhi khubsoorat palon mein,
Jeevan ke har mausam mein.
Mann laapata hona chahta hai.


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Part-time Strangers..??

Friendship is something that we cherish till our last breath. But sometimes it can be very knotty. 

A friend of mine was very distraught as one of her close friends told her that they can talk only personally, where no familiar faces or in our Indian language, ‘Pehchaan wale’, were to be seen. That ‘so-called’ friend had just offered her a ‘part-time friendship’, where no one could ever know that they even know each other, let alone talk. 

Now, what do you all think this led to. My friend, that lovely soul, started thinking that she was doing something wrong. Why would anyone want to hide such a beautiful and precious thing as friendship ? This thought captured her mind in a never-ending cobweb of guilt and ambiguity. 

And what do I feel ? Well if a person is not confident or strong enough to accept you in front of everyone as a important and close fella, then he or she is not worthy to be given the title of ‘friend’. Friendship is a very pristine and wonderful connection between two souls. There is no need to cloud or veil it. 

So, all my amigos out there, there is no such thing as part-time friends as that will obviously mean that you will also be part-time strangers, and true friends can never act like strangers, whatever the situation may be. Don’t tolerate such gibberish and rubbish babble from anyone. Respect yourself and your amity, spread love, be happy and stay blessed..!! ☺️☺️

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Restraining Belt, Seat Belt or Friendship Belt…???

Hello readers, first of all wishing everyone a belated Happy Friendship Day. May our friendship last forever and ever…!!! ☺️☺️

You all must be thinking about this title. And no, it’s not a fashion article about belts..😝😝😂😂. In fact it is about the precious relationship between parents and children. We all love our families and in the end our families are the ones who stand by our side when no one else does. Now, this ‘standing by our side’ situation is a perfect one. And I think we know that this perfection is not often seen in reality. Many a times, family bonds suffocate us if not handled with care. As I have already mentioned in one of my previous articles that generation gap has a strong bridge if both the sides truly try. 

Well, in our knowledge, restraining belts are used in hospitals and medical care centres to control or completely restrict the movements of patients who are in need of such precautions. Sometimes, parents act as a restraining belt, when they are so strict that they want to control even the way their child breathes. Now, I can completely understand that they do so because they think that their child ‘needs’ this precaution to survive ahead. No parent in the world wants to see their child suffering or in depression. But, unfortunately and unknowingly, they push their children in the deep well of desperation and distress. The hard-boiled or orthodox parents, due to their perception of the world and denial to change that perception with the dynamics of world, confine their children’s dreams, actions, and life according to their wish. They think that without their guidance their child will get lost in the path of life which is already full of hurdles. And maybe sometimes they are right too. But is it right to strangle your child’s mind and heart without even considering what he or she wants ? I think not. There are some parents who control their children to prove their authority and power over them and that’s just unfortunate, but life is full of exceptions and this is one of them. But is there a solution to this layered problem ? The answer is yes. The band-aid to this wound is communication and understanding, and obviously, from both the sides. Only proper communication can give us the ticket to cross and fill this gap of differences.

Now, we all know what’s a seat belt is. It is for our safety, a precaution, but not a smothering one. Some parents, who are not conservative, but are very protective of their children act like seat belt. There is no major problem in this but one. Seat belt does delimit our movements, if not suffocate us. Parents have to understand that they can not always protect their children from each and every situation in life, and children have to understand that their parents are not controlling them to prove any authority but to protect them from the harsh realities. Once in a blue moon, this protection can confine the children in the pupa of love and care and when it’s time to face the outside world, their delicate wings break at the first strike. I agree that prevention is better than cure, but can you learn to swim without going inside the waters. I think not. These parents are not orthodox, they just can’t see their children in any kind of difficulty, which shows their unconditional and vast love and children should understand this. But folks, you have to accept that sometimes love means letting go and giving space. The key to solve this problem too lies in two-way communication, understanding and love.

And finally, a friendship belt. The most priced possessions in childhood and the most cherished ones after growing up. I think the best relationship any two people can have is friendship, and if it is between parents and children, well the relationship becomes perfect. I reckon that there is not a perfect definition of a friend. Well, according to me, a friend is someone who loves and care for you unconditionally, is with you in every highs and lows, applaudes for you at your accomplishments and can slap you at your stupidity and wrongs, and most importantly, with whom you can share anything and everything without the fear of being judged. The best friend you can have will be the combination of a teacher, a guide, a companion in your childish stupidities and a shoulder to lean on at difficult times. Now imagine, children getting all this in their parents and parents getting all this in their children. This is the perfect situation I was talking about. Friendship doesn’t binds or confines us, it just holds our hands and guide us through the rough terrain of life. There are no judgements or strict rules to follow. Friends let you be who you are. They never try to change you, they just help you to cope up with this cruel world. And yes, the most important thing which has to be understood by the kids in this scenario, friends never leave or hate each other due to minor differences, instead, they sit and talk like mature individuals and find a way to walk together. 

So, all the readers and fellow bloggers, celebrate this friendship day with your parents and children. Be a friend to them and see your life prosper beacause the best band we can ever get is a friendship band. Be happy, spread love and stay blessed…!!☺️☺️