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ο»ΏAre you becoming an OBSCURIAL ???

Okay, I know some of you maybe don’t exactly understand the title right now, but trust me, it gets relevant.

So, peeps who have already watched Fanatstic Beasts And Where To Find Them, a movie which was a childhood revival for the Harry Potter generation, do know what I am talking about. For the muggles (who didn’t watch the movie πŸ˜‰πŸ˜), an obscurial is a young wizard or witch, who developed a dark magical force, known as an Obscurus, as a result of their magic being suppressed. When an obscurial reaches it emotional breaking point, they lose control, releasing their Obscurus, which destroys everything in its path, including the obscurial itself. 

Now, coming to non-magic, real world, I would say, obscurials do exist. There are many people among us who muffle their emotions and feelings in a cocoon which they form just to avoid confrontation and exposure. These deep desires are actually the true form or nature of that individual. And I should say this, such containment of sentiments is fatal, whether it is done willingly or under pressure. And as J. K. Rowling describes it, this bottling-up has a saturation point. After reaching this, the obscurus releases and explodes. 

Let me explain this in a simple (no-majπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰) way. When we have to just suppress our passion, what we really like to do, who we truly are, due to peer pressure, parents’ support, society’s approval or any damn reason, it results in the formation of the obscurus in disguise of frustration, resentment and discouragement. And this devil grows and feeds on your’s as well as your surrounding’s positivity. This anger and annoyance not only affects you but also your near and dear ones and your relationship with them. All in all, your whole life becomes the puppet of this negativity. Similarly, when we try to curb the gloomy thoughts, like heart-break, hurt, tolerating the disrespect or any such emotion which tears us apart from the inside, the obscurus forms in the form of anxiety and depression. And we already know the results of its release.

These real life obscurials really need to be saved. They are feeding and nurturing their own end. We all are aware of the mental health problems and their adverse effects on the physical health. Then why to suppress all these feelings and get trapped in the negativity like this ? I know, sometimes, it’s not in our hand to do what we want, and in such cases, the answer lies in self-love and care. Meditation, relaxation and yoga can help us defeat these obscuruses living inside us. And when possible, just let go of everything and do what you love to do. Don’t tolerate anything that threatens your mental peace. After all, you can’t serve with an empty cup; when you are happy, only then can you spread happiness to your near and dear ones. 

So, all my readers, just give it a thought. If you are becoming an obscurial or you are watching someone becoming one, help. Help yourself and others. Because obscurials can only cause destruction and nothing else. Don’t kill yourself and hurt your loved ones with your own hands. I know life is hard, but keep one thing in mind, every cloud has a silver lining and every night is followed by the day. Don’t encase yourself in the cobweb of negativity. Love yourself and positivity will hug you and welcome you with open arms. Be happy, spread happiness and stay blessed !!! After all You Only Live Once. ☺️☺️❀️❀️

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Nature – Peaceful, Serene & Beautiful..!!!

Our earth, God’s canvas, has been beautifully painted by Him, and this painting is nature. Just looking at it gives you peaceful and calm vibes. The rustling of leaves, the chirping of birds & the sound of flowing river make such a melodious music that it directly hits the strings of our heart.

This painting by me is a petite representation of the master artwork called nature. I hope you all like it.

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Women v/s Social Evils…!!!

The male-dominant society has always acted as a threat rather than protection for women all around the world. Women were living in so much fear that it was affecting their growth and development as an individual. But now, fortunately, women are standing up for their rights.

This painting by me represents the fears which women faced in the past. I hope you all like it. πŸ™‚

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The Liebster Awards -A Praise For Budding Writers !!


Well, its an honor to get nominated for this award for the first time. I thank mirrorgirl for nominating me for the Liebster awards. I am very keen towards psychology and this blog’s posts keep my interest alive.

Now to answer the questions asked to me :

  1. If you could do one thing that you always have dreamt of, what would it be?

Ans : I would like to be the most independent girl you have ever seen in your life. Also I would like to be the reason of my parent’s pride.

2. What makes you calm?

Ans: Spending some ‘me’ time. Like really alone, in my room, thinking of nothing but the things which make me happy like painting, sketching or writing itself. As i have written in one of my articles, I go on a date with myself πŸ˜‰

3. Have you done random acts of kindness?

Ans: Yes. I regularly go to a school for specially abled children and just spend time with them. Play with them just to see that sweet smile on their face. πŸ™‚

4. What really irritates you?

Ans: Two-faced people. It is really annoying to decide which face should I slap first.

5. What music do you like?

Ans: Mostly romantic and soothing kind. The slow songs that flow calmly.

6. What is the most extreme thing you have done?

Ans: Nothing really. My life has negligible to no adventure. So ya, nothing extreme at all.

7. Do you prefer to be alone or with others?

Ans: Alone. Mostly. I enjoy being just with me.

8. What is your best memory?

Ans: My summer vacations. When I was in 3rd grade. And ironically, we didn’t go anywhere for holidays that year. Guess I enjoyed being at home more than going out.

9. What is the best book you have read?

Ans: The Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi. This series took fantasy to an another level !

10. What is your favorite animal?

Ans: Dogs. I have never seen any animal so close and attached and loyal to humans. I adore them.

11. What scares you?

Ans: Philosophically, I am scared of being betrayed. In a more general sense, I am scared of ghosts. πŸ˜€

Now some facts about me. Well there is nothing very special to tell but anyway, lets do this πŸ˜€

  1. I am not only into writing. I am equally passionate about painting, sketching and dancing.
  2. I don’t have many friends. I prefer quality over quantity.
  3. I am very calm. But after a certain limit, I become so enraged that you will wish to have never met me.
  4. I never quarrel, shout or fight. I simply throw negative people out of my life, silently.
  5. I am also good at singing, but no one has heard me sing except my best friend.
  6. I love the feeling of love and being loved back. But then, who doesn’t? πŸ˜›
  7. I love buying bags and books, and I can really open a shop with those I own.
  8. I love playing chess.
  9. I hate healthy foods.
  10. I love to travel. Especially road trips.
  11. I am always, 24/7, listening to music. Even while sleeping.

Now, my nominees in random order:

  1. synthetic zero : I love its dynamic range of topics.
  2. Reflections for my soul : It kind of reflects my soul.
  3. Unspoken Mind : I really connect to the articles. Pretty interesting.
  4. Karen Wilson_Awaken : It provides the exact tools for personal development.
  5. Intelligent Degenerate : A nice mixture of philosophy, drugs and romance.
  6. Autodespair : I just love the content delivered.
  7. Clint’s Blog : Amazing photos from Flickr and Nice movie reviews.
  8. Simple Pleasures part 4 : The small and simple pleasures of life beautifully expressed.
  9. Piece of Mind : Impressed by the articles and writing style.
  10. America’s Watchtower : Impressively delivers the current affairs.
  11. My Time 4 Talk : Amazing commentary and dialogue on current news items, art activities, personal development, cultural diversity, family life, parenting, and education.

Now, my single question to all the nominees which will answer all my questions collectively, is:

  1. Describe the utmost important lesson that you learned from life.

Things to do when nominated :
1) Thank the blogger who nominated you ( As if that’s a news. That’s basic courtesy.-_-)
2) Display the award somewhere on your blog or post. ( Yes. You are right. Show it off fellas)
3) Answer the set of 11 questions provided to you by the blogger. (Courtesy)
4) Post 11 random facts about yourself. (Avoid things like, β€˜I can brush’, I mean that’s cool random stuff but eh… okay fine you can.)
5) Choose 11 bloggers below 1000 followers (Partiality. :3 )
6) Create your own set of questions for the nominees.

The End

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Love Letter – A Poem Of Love !!!

Hello readers…this is my first attempt at poem writing…i hope you all like it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

One day I sat in a place serene and quiet,
Where there was beauty and sun’s white light.
It was for a passion important than any other,
For it was a love letter for my beautiful lover.

I tried to contemplate where to start,
As I had to hit her core heart with this dart.
I didn’t want to praise her face and body,
Coz I wanted to describe her mind which no one else could copy.

She was witty, she was naughty,
She could be a simple sweetheart or a dazzling hottie.
She could read my mind like no one else could,
She will be there for me when no one else would.

She knows what’s best for me in every way,
Whether it’s a dark night or a bright day.
She is my darling, she is my superstar,
She is the best friend I have got so far.

Now I went with the letter & sat in front of her,
I wanted to see that smile which would suit any weather.
And she was happy, I succeeded to woo her,
I gave her a flying kiss, while sitting in front of the mirror.
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Just A Pretty Face Or A Pretty Soul !!!

Every girl nowadays is crazy for makeup. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, compact, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss and what not. But this makeup is just for your face. Have you ever thought about the makeup for your soul and personality..???

Girls, here are 5 beauty hacks for making you beautiful inside out.. :

1. Smile ☺️
As we all say, smile is the best ornament anyone can wear. Your smile will automatically make your whole persona pleasant, attractive and yes, beautiful…☺️☺️

2. Confidence 😎
Confidence is the key to an impressive persona. Put on the confidence and you are ready to rock girl..!!

3. Values πŸ˜‡
Whatever may be the case, adhere to your values. Nothing is more important than a person having his/her own stand. It’s your life, live it your way, according to your values.

4. Don’t be a copycat 😺
Don’t imitate someone else’s ways of life just because they are popular. Be yourself. Have your own identity and own the world !!!

5. Don’t compare πŸ™…πŸ»
Everyone is unique and everyone has something special. Just know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses and respect yourself. Stay away from comparison and you will glow with positivity!!