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Part-time Strangers..??

Friendship is something that we cherish till our last breath. But sometimes it can be very knotty. 

A friend of mine was very distraught as one of her close friends told her that they can talk only personally, where no familiar faces or in our Indian language, ‘Pehchaan wale’, were to be seen. That ‘so-called’ friend had just offered her a ‘part-time friendship’, where no one could ever know that they even know each other, let alone talk. 

Now, what do you all think this led to. My friend, that lovely soul, started thinking that she was doing something wrong. Why would anyone want to hide such a beautiful and precious thing as friendship ? This thought captured her mind in a never-ending cobweb of guilt and ambiguity. 

And what do I feel ? Well if a person is not confident or strong enough to accept you in front of everyone as a important and close fella, then he or she is not worthy to be given the title of ‘friend’. Friendship is a very pristine and wonderful connection between two souls. There is no need to cloud or veil it. 

So, all my amigos out there, there is no such thing as part-time friends as that will obviously mean that you will also be part-time strangers, and true friends can never act like strangers, whatever the situation may be. Don’t tolerate such gibberish and rubbish babble from anyone. Respect yourself and your amity, spread love, be happy and stay blessed..!! ☺️☺️

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The Worst But The Most Fruitful Battle…!!!!

Chaos, terror, dreadful shrieks, tears, losses, battles have never been easy. Even the victorious ones lose some irreplaceable things. But then everyone says that these losses are worth the win. Well, do you know which is the worst war ever fought ?? It is when the battleground is your own head and heart; and the opponent is you yourself..!!

According to me, nothing can be more draining than fighting with your inner-self. These fights can be over many issues; depression, anxiety, fear, failures and what not. And many a times, we end up losing the battle, destroying ourselves to the core. And you know what’s the pessimal part…it’s the fact that no one can see, hear or understand the havoc created in your head. When you see your goal and direction but you are unable to work because there is no zeal left; when you know you have to take a decision or an important risk but you can’t because you are too anxious about the result, that too, due to the past mistakes; when you fear the future to an extent that you petrify yourself in the present; when you are considered a failure by everyone and you lose the motivation to even try; in all these frantic situations, your tussle is with yourself. This combat can get very dirty, for you and for your near and dear ones. Fighting with yourself, for yourself is not at all easy, and it gets more complicated when you have minimal or no support. I can understand that every warrior combating in this duel is facing something very fierce and dire, which we can not witness. But it is truly said that you have to be your own hero. You have to fight for yourself, for everyone is fighting their own fights. Only you know what’s best for you, and only you can work for achieving that. The struggle is hard, very hard, but yes, it is worth the result.

You all must be wondering why have I termed this appalling scenario as fruitful. The reason is simple, when you come out as the champion, you have become a brave warrior, who fears none, and who is ready to face any and every struggle out there in this cruel world. The battle is not easy, but the result of the win is for a lifetime. When you overcome your weaknesses, your depression, your fears, you come out as a better person. A soul who has won a feud against itself can achieve everything in the life coming ahead. And trust me, this confidence can move mountains if you want. The best ladder anyone can get to reach their desired destination is self-confidence. When you know that you have the dedication to defeat the inner Satan of grief and despair, you will definitely gain the diligence and commitment to achieve anything you desire truly. Once the low spirits have been defeated, you can also handle any future attacks from them very easily.

So, I want to say to all my readers, the gallant warriors, that this world is full of negativity and struggles. Nothing precious has come without the spar for achieving it. I know this battle with yourself is very tough, but if you want to survive in this world, you have to fight and win. It is for your own good and only you can take the best care of yourself. Be strong, come out as a victor, spread love and stay blessed…!!  ☺️☺️

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Today’s Life = Temple Run !!

“Life is a race … if you don’t run fast … you will be like a broken andaa..!!”

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I was relaxing and thinking about my plans of the day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I remembered the this above ‘epic’ dialogue from the movie ‘3 Idiots’. This lead me to start thinking about my place in this so-called ‘life-race’. But then I realized, mere thought of this made me feel inferior. All the class and batch toppers from my school and colleges started popping up in my head. All those friends who have already secured a job were smirking at me in my mind.

At that moment, I noticed, these thoughts were acting as fatal poison for my self-confidence. I shook them off and decided to just calm down and loosen up and enjoy my Sunday as I always do. Casually I opened my Facebook and there it was. My Facebook wall seemed as some sort of a ‘race-track’. Some were in a race to get more likes, some were in a race to show-off their luxurious lifestyle and some were in the race to boast about how successful they are. I feel, it is not wrong to share your happiness or success with your friends on social networks. I mean that’s why social networks were created in the first place, to stay connected, to share our lives with our near and dear ones. But yes, boasting and showing-off is something which, I feel, should be avoided.

And finally, it struck to me, today’s life has indeed become an endless race. Our daily routine is nothing different than “Temple Run”. We are running as fast as we can, in the direction which seems right at a particular moment, without thinking anything, just to collect as many coins as possible, without knowing whether they have anything to do with self-satisfaction but we are running anyway to get the acceptance of society, and with a killer gorilla of insecurity and fear of defeat behind us, ready to kill us the first chance it gets. Sounds exhausting, right? Well, majority of us are facing this endless run every single day of our life and are continuing to do so.

But today, I decided, that I will not be a part of this unceasing run. I decided that my competition is my ‘yesterday’s self’. I just have to do better than what I did yesterday. I promised to myself that I will never ever compare my life with anyone else, because that comparison will be the kick-start of this continuous run and I don’t want that. I am happy for anyone and everyone who is successful in their life and I hope they always remain like this. And I also know, that my time will also come and my efforts and hard-work will payoff someday. I will not run after money, I will run after self-satisfaction because that’s the key for long-lasting happiness. And last but not the least, I will be myself and will not think about what society thinks of me, because when I will be successful, this very same society will accept me as I am.

So, today, I suggest all my readers to give this a thought, whether this ‘Temple Run’ will make you happy in the long-run. Will it give you a sense of satisfaction when you are counting your last days of this life. If not, then live your life today the way you want it. Do what you love and don’t just blindly run in some race just because society thinks it right, when you know its not your race. Achieving mental peace is way greater than achieving millions and billions of rupees. These materialistic luxuries are no doubt a plus point, but they are not worth your self-satisfaction. Keep all this in mind, stay blessed and spread love 🙂

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Your Date With Yourself !! 

First of all really sorry for not writing anything on the ‘so-called’ official day of love – Valentines Day. Wishing you all a belated Valentine’s Day. What I feel is every day is a Valentine’s Day if you are with ‘The One’. But those who are still searching for their someone special and also those who are madly in love, have you all ever thought on going on a date with yourself, falling in love with yourself ?
I personally believe, before falling for anyone else, we should all fall in love with ourselves. We can’t give something to someone if we don’t have it in us. That also goes for love. Now, we all are still confused about the pieces of words that can completely fit in the puzzle called love. Many people have many different ideas of what love exactly is and according to me love is care, understanding, honesty, friendship and acceptance. Therefore, what I want to say is, care about yourself, understand and accept yourself completely, always be honest with yourself and make you, your best friend. And my experience says, when you are 100% satisfied in your skin, you feel the sense of completeness. And that makes your love for someone else unconditional. You are not dependent on someone else to praise you, to support you, to understand you because, in the first place, you are there for yourself.

Now, how to go on a date with yourself. Well, just spend some quiet, alone time in a place you find serene. Connect with your soul and listen to that little inner voice that is always there with you. Do what you love the most and drown in the moment. And I promise you, this date will become one of the most beautiful and lovely experiences of your life.

When you are madly in love with yourself, then you can easily perform a very difficult task which is to love without expectations. I know, loving someone obviously seeds some expectations, but at least we will not hate ourselves when something goes wrong. We will know whether we were at fault or not because loving yourself also involves knowing yourself. If we will know and accept our wrongs, we will be able to rectify those, and if we know we are right, well, then, we can accept the situation and move on without any guilt in our heart.

So, all I want to say to my beautiful and handsome readers is, fall madly in love with yourself, date yourself. If you can love yourself for what you are,no one in the world can put you down. Your love for that ‘special someone’ will become unconditional which is the most beautiful trinket of love. Love yourself, spread love and stay blessed !! ☺️☺️

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Villains at present, Heroes for your future !!!

In today’s materialistic world, people are suffering from more mental injuries than physical. Road accidents are taking less lives than depression and heart attacks. Why is it so ?? Have we ever thought that each second we are mentally disturbed, we are damaging a major portion of ourselves. I know, many people hurt us, betray us, leave us when we need them the most, or simply show and prove their enemity towards us. These people kill our mental peace. They slay our happiness. And nowadays, being so emotional that we get affected by all this, is, many a times, a big disadvantage. 

What I feel is, these people around us, who destroy us mentally, seem to us as the biggest villains of our lifetimes, but actually they themselves end up proving to be the heroes for our future. It is because these people make you emotionally and mentally strong. They help you gain wisdom and maturity. Due to their foul deeds, we learn the importance of good deeds and how to deal with the bad ones. These villains act like a sandpaper, they end up polishing us and making us shine brighter than ever in the future.

Now you all tell me, the people because of whom we become an overall better person should be termed as heroes or villains ?? I think we all now can think of the right term!! 😉

So, all my readers, love the people who love you, but also value those who hurt you because they are the ones who will help you become stronger. And as we know, the stronger we are, the better our lives will be. So learn from your past, become better in present and get ready for the future. Spread love and stay blessed !! 🙂

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Just A Pretty Face Or A Pretty Soul !!!

Every girl nowadays is crazy for makeup. Eyeshadows, eyeliners, compact, concealer, lipstick, lipgloss and what not. But this makeup is just for your face. Have you ever thought about the makeup for your soul and personality..???

Girls, here are 5 beauty hacks for making you beautiful inside out.. :

1. Smile ☺️
As we all say, smile is the best ornament anyone can wear. Your smile will automatically make your whole persona pleasant, attractive and yes, beautiful…☺️☺️

2. Confidence 😎
Confidence is the key to an impressive persona. Put on the confidence and you are ready to rock girl..!!

3. Values 😇
Whatever may be the case, adhere to your values. Nothing is more important than a person having his/her own stand. It’s your life, live it your way, according to your values.

4. Don’t be a copycat 😺
Don’t imitate someone else’s ways of life just because they are popular. Be yourself. Have your own identity and own the world !!!

5. Don’t compare 🙅🏻
Everyone is unique and everyone has something special. Just know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses and respect yourself. Stay away from comparison and you will glow with positivity!!