Dusk And Dawn…..A Beautiful Symbiosis!!!!!

The peaceful sunset, when the sky gradually lays down a blanket of serene darkness, preparing the sky for a sound sleep ; or the blissful and elated sunrise, when the sky glows with the hopes of new beginnings ; both the scenes are equally mesmerising. We actually can not decide which in the two is more alluring to look and feel. But have you ever thought why we can’t decide who in the two should win this beauty pageant?? Answer is simple – these two are perfectly co-existing soulmates. One can’t survive without it’s significant other. It’s a symbiosis.  

Our lives are also a chapel for wedding of the dark dusk and the well-lit dawn. Just like the sun rises like warrior after its battle with the black shadows, our glee rises after its battle with our gloom. And also without the misery, we can not value the joy. Every delightful dawn has a blue dusk. Happiness and sadness has to make it through together. Well, I know it’s difficult to endure the dynamic changes of these two. The mind is hopeful for the opportunity of the inauguration of dawn, while the heart sobs at the ending of it. But the key to outlive every struggle, is the companionship between the heart and the mind. 

Therefore, I would like to share my personal experience with all my readers, that joy and sadness both are the vital ingredients for the recipe of life. Enjoy both the tastes and excel in life. Be happy, spread love and stay blessed..!! ☺️☺️



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