Today’s Life = Temple Run !!

“Life is a race … if you don’t run fast … you will be like a broken andaa..!!”

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I was relaxing and thinking about my plans of the day. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I remembered the this above ‘epic’ dialogue from the movie ‘3 Idiots’. This lead me to start thinking about my place in this so-called ‘life-race’. But then I realized, mere thought of this made me feel inferior. All the class and batch toppers from my school and colleges started popping up in my head. All those friends who have already secured a job were smirking at me in my mind.

At that moment, I noticed, these thoughts were acting as fatal poison for my self-confidence. I shook them off and decided to just calm down and loosen up and enjoy my Sunday as I always do. Casually I opened my Facebook and there it was. My Facebook wall seemed as some sort of a ‘race-track’. Some were in a race to get more likes, some were in a race to show-off their luxurious lifestyle and some were in the race to boast about how successful they are. I feel, it is not wrong to share your happiness or success with your friends on social networks. I mean that’s why social networks were created in the first place, to stay connected, to share our lives with our near and dear ones. But yes, boasting and showing-off is something which, I feel, should be avoided.

And finally, it struck to me, today’s life has indeed become an endless race. Our daily routine is nothing different than “Temple Run”. We are running as fast as we can, in the direction which seems right at a particular moment, without thinking anything, just to collect as many coins as possible, without knowing whether they have anything to do with self-satisfaction but we are running anyway to get the acceptance of society, and with a killer gorilla of insecurity and fear of defeat behind us, ready to kill us the first chance it gets. Sounds exhausting, right? Well, majority of us are facing this endless run every single day of our life and are continuing to do so.

But today, I decided, that I will not be a part of this unceasing run. I decided that my competition is my ‘yesterday’s self’. I just have to do better than what I did yesterday. I promised to myself that I will never ever compare my life with anyone else, because that comparison will be the kick-start of this continuous run and I don’t want that. I am happy for anyone and everyone who is successful in their life and I hope they always remain like this. And I also know, that my time will also come and my efforts and hard-work will payoff someday. I will not run after money, I will run after self-satisfaction because that’s the key for long-lasting happiness. And last but not the least, I will be myself and will not think about what society thinks of me, because when I will be successful, this very same society will accept me as I am.

So, today, I suggest all my readers to give this a thought, whether this ‘Temple Run’ will make you happy in the long-run. Will it give you a sense of satisfaction when you are counting your last days of this life. If not, then live your life today the way you want it. Do what you love and don’t just blindly run in some race just because society thinks it right, when you know its not your race. Achieving mental peace is way greater than achieving millions and billions of rupees. These materialistic luxuries are no doubt a plus point, but they are not worth your self-satisfaction. Keep all this in mind, stay blessed and spread love 🙂



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