The Negativity Apocalypse and The Soul Survival !!!

Today’s world, which is correctly named as ‘Kaliyug’, is brimming with negativity. Whether it’s our personal lives or the overall, so-called, real world scenarios. And this is the reason behind the exponential increase in cases of mental illnesses like severe anxiety, depression and what not. Also this negativity apocalypse is affecting children, youth and adults equally. Thousands of souls die an early death but the bodies are buried after the physical, tangible death, which is, many a times, result of the dead soul. But is there a saviour for our souls who can beat this apocalypse ? On this occasion of International Yoga Day, I want to introduce you all to this saviour, which is Yoga.

Whenever the word Yoga comes to our mind, we picture physical exercises and poses; and we are reminded only of the physiological benefits like body fitness, flexibility etc. But this ancient Indian practice has much more to offer us. Mental or psychological benefits of Yoga are uncountable. It helps us fight anxiety and depression, helps us to bring back our calm mind, and serves us with mental stability and overall a good psychological wellbeing. It can very well handle the stressed and tired mind; and brings it back to the right and focussed path.

In this dynamic 21st century, where there is neck to neck competition for success and survival and where people are losing their mental peace and cool, Yoga is becoming an essential part of life if we want a peaceful upper floor of our body. Asanas like Uttanasan, Shavasan, Ardha Chakrasan, and many more helps reduce physical and mental stress and help us becoming completely healthy and ready to face our challenges ahead.

So, from this International Yoga Day, lets make Yoga our daily routine to lead a serene, calm, focussed and successful life. Spread happiness and stay blessed. ☺️



  1. This ancient Indian practice is actually very beneficial for physical and mental health. Very nicely written ☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻


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