Villains at present, Heroes for your future !!!

In today’s materialistic world, people are suffering from more mental injuries than physical. Road accidents are taking less lives than depression and heart attacks. Why is it so ?? Have we ever thought that each second we are mentally disturbed, we are damaging a major portion of ourselves. I know, many people hurt us, betray us, leave us when we need them the most, or simply show and prove their enemity towards us. These people kill our mental peace. They slay our happiness. And nowadays, being so emotional that we get affected by all this, is, many a times, a big disadvantage. 

What I feel is, these people around us, who destroy us mentally, seem to us as the biggest villains of our lifetimes, but actually they themselves end up proving to be the heroes for our future. It is because these people make you emotionally and mentally strong. They help you gain wisdom and maturity. Due to their foul deeds, we learn the importance of good deeds and how to deal with the bad ones. These villains act like a sandpaper, they end up polishing us and making us shine brighter than ever in the future.

Now you all tell me, the people because of whom we become an overall better person should be termed as heroes or villains ?? I think we all now can think of the right term!! 😉

So, all my readers, love the people who love you, but also value those who hurt you because they are the ones who will help you become stronger. And as we know, the stronger we are, the better our lives will be. So learn from your past, become better in present and get ready for the future. Spread love and stay blessed !! 🙂



  1. Kudos to the writer who has rightly said that it depends on us to show our interpretation the right way. Very well said !


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