Merry Christmas!!!! Is it ‘merry’ for all…???

First of all, I would like to wish my all readers, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..!!!

Christmas, a festival of joy, happiness, celebrations and most importantly, Santa Claus and gifts. After all, it’s the birthday bash of the Holy Jesus Christ, so, in our language, ‘party and gifts to bante hain yaar..!!!!’ 😝😝 

But amidst all this celebration, have we all really thought about making this Christmas ‘merry’ for EVERYONE..???

So many children, shivering in the icy cold nights on the roads, but then too the warmth that keeps them alive is that of the hope that someday Santa Claus will come and gift them the love and happiness they crave for…!!!

So many parents, trying to shield their world, their child from the chilly winds and desperate hunger by giving them their share of clothes and food and praying to God that if not them, then at least put an end to their children’s sorrows. 

For these people, Christmas is not a celebration. It’s just another day of struggling for survival and another day of hoping that someday, things will change for better.

I feel, we can at least make their one day joyful, if not their whole life. Be their Santa, gift them the trinkets they deserve and need, wish them with love and care, celebrate with them and make their Christmas ‘merry’ in true sense. After all, we all are God’s children, and if we take care of our fellow brothers and sisters, God will definitely bless us.

So, this Christmas, don’t wait for Santa Claus, be one…!!!!

Once again, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…!!!

Spread love and stay blessed…!!!! ☺️


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