In today’s fast paced world, we are stuck and strangled in the cruel cobweb of personal and professional life. A world where people are  cherishing ‘things’ and using ‘people’ while it should be vice-versa.

In a place like this, there is no place for our sentiments and feelings. And that’s why, nowadays majority of population, especially youth, is facing depression, anxiety and what not. Now, these things are a state of mind. They are not diseases which can be cured by any medicine. Also giving advices to be happy will also not work. So how these people can overcome  this state. Well, this question is very difficult to answer.

First of all, don’t try to give advices to these people on the basis of your experiences. You don’t know what they are going through. If you give advices it will sound to them as a lecture which will annoy them and make situation worse. According to me, depression or anxiety can be conquered when the person himself/herself decides to conquer it and he/she has support of their dear ones. So, all they need from you is a mental support, an assurance that no matter what happens, you are there for them. This will be a better help than unnecessarily lecturing them about happiness and positivity. Always remember, positivity comes from inside, not by some preaching. If they are confident that they have support from anyone for any situation, they will automatically start feeling better. Mental support can do wonders when it comes to these psychological negativities. Once they have this support, they themselves will be strong enough to come out from this quicksand of gloom.

So it’s my suggestion to all my readers that if there is someone you know who is experiencing depression, in place of giving advice to them, just be with them. Ensure them you are there for them. They need peace of mind, not your piece of mind. Spread love and stay blessed ☺️☺️



  1. The power of positivity lies in the support you receive from your loved ones. All you need is to just stand by their side, look into the eyes, and say – “I believe in you”. Well written with perfect message. A very honest, reliable and sincere effort.


    • Thank You 🙂 And you are also right…actually everyone has their own way to deal with such psychological situations….so everyone is right in a way..this was my personal experience…letting go must be yours…so its completely fine… 🙂 🙂


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