Gender equality, one of the most burning issues today, is a concept which needs to be completely understood and accepted for its successful implementation. It is the SDG no. 5 (Sustainable Development Goal), which sketches its importance.

Nowadays, the so-called ‘feminists’ encourage women to go ‘ahead’ of men and perform. Whereas, the so-called ‘male-chauvinists’ emphasize that women are weak and they get advantage of this weakness in every aspect of life. Now, if we know the meaning of the word ‘equality’, we would disagree by both of these statements. Neither men nor women are above or below each other. They are both human beings and should be treated equally by each other. They are created by God to maintain balance of life. Without the equality, this balance will get distorted. One of the examples of this balance created by God can be, women are more emotionally strong than men while men are more physically strong than women. These characteristics were embedded in both of them so that they can support each other ‘equally’.

According to me, the meaning of gender equality is best explained by the series, ‘Man’s World’ by YF films. This series has sarcastically and impact-fully reflected the difference between gender equality and gender bias. The conclusion of the season 1 of the series has even more beautifully given the actual path to achieve this SDG 5. It has shown that it is not necessary that girls get advantage everywhere and it is also not necessary that what we see is exactly what is happening. Also, one of the most celebrated event in everyone’s life, marriage, can sometimes be the worst event for someone due to the attack of gender bias.

Respect for each other is, what i feel, a preliminary step to achieve this goal of equality. This respect has to be taught at home and must be imbibed from the childhood. Then only it can be a successful weapon to conquer the devil of gender inequality. And, as I am repeatedly saying, it has to be from both the sides. Both ladies and gentlemen need to respect and appreciate each others efforts to balance the scale of life.

So, it is my request to all my readers that respect each other. No one is above or below someone. Lets all contribute to fulfill this goal of sustainable development and bring GENDER EQUALITY. Spread love and stay happy…:-)



  1. All of them who effect a large population by their decisions should think why one gender has always been oppressed while other one has always escalated. This condition is not limited to 16th or 17th century but it still persists today. Some of the polls and analysis have shown us that if females are promoted then management becomes more effective. Article has gone to exact depths and a need of balancing both gender’s participation is a laborious concept !!

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