HOBBIES – The Mood Mechanics…!!!


We all come across a point of time where we feel all tired, frustrated, depressed and like there is no solution to the problems faced by us. At this moment we all want to say that I wanna run away from all this to a place which is serene, peaceful and which gives my mind a much needed break. Well, we all can reach this divine place to relax by just contacting a travel agent, a mood mechanic, our hobby.
Hobby is always described as something which we like to do in our leisure time. It could be anything, from something as intriguing as writing to something as casual as collecting stones or stamps. The main purpose is, it re-energizes you. When your mind is refreshed, you can come up with the most unexpected and creative solutions for your problems which maybe you thought you were never capable of. Doing something which quenches the thirst of your soul will give you that satisfaction which no person or thing can provide you with.
But I feel pursuing hobbies should not be leisure-time-bound. As I said earlier, they are the portals to the refreshment and revitalization of your mind. Whenever you feel drained and your inner voice says its enough, just obey that voice. Stop everything you are doing, take a deep breath and start doing anything which gives you happiness. Be it reading, or listening music, or sketching or any damn thing possible in this world. Do it with all your heart and just like the glucose gives you instant energy, your hobby will give you the much needed rest for your exhausted mind. And as we all feel to have double energy after we have rested sufficiently, your mind will also be able to work and expand itself at a double rate and your efficiency will increase. This way you can come up with a better outcome of your efforts. We all know that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. This is why if you take such short breaks and dedicate that time to your hobbies, it can prove to be very effective and constructive.

So its my advice to all my readers out there that whenever you feel that your working limit is over, just make a small trip to your mood mechanic, your hobby and you will never return disappointed. Stay happy and blessed.. 🙂


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