Who do you Credit or Blame, Either for Fame or for Lost Game…???

blog 11We all face victories and defeats in our life. All of us have experienced the joy of winning and disappointment of losing. But, life is like that only. It’s like a see-saw. Sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. Some days you smile, some days you frown. But have you realized to whom do you credit for your profit or blame for your loss? This small question defines a very major part of your personality and its answer lies in a trait known as Locus of Control (LOC).

LOC simply defines the extent to which you think you have control over your life events, whether positive or negative. Many people believe that everything they achieve or lose is due to their own actions. Others simply hold the external environmental factors (whether living or non-living) responsible for every event happening in their life.

The former group is known to have an internal LOC while the latter is known to have external LOC. Now external LOC have 2 facets: External living LOC and External non-living LOC.

External living LOC refers to the people’s belief that everything in their life is happening due to the people and other living creatures around them, whether positive or negative. While external External non-living LOC refers to the people’s belief that everything happens due to luck or other lifeless elements which can include even a mere twig. Let’s understand this with an example:

1. If a boy secures first position in class and says he got this result due to his own efforts or he fails and says that it was all because of his negligence towards studies, then he has an internal LOC.

2. If a boy succeeds and credits his teacher’s efforts or fails and blames his teacher’s inefficiency then it is an external living LOC.

3. If a boy succeeds or fails and credits or blames his luck then it is external non-living LOC.

Now, this LOC defines the basic personality trait of positive or negative thinking. But as it is always said that extremes are never profitable. In every situation neither we should hold responsible ourselves or our environment. We should see, face and accept the situations as they are. Every trait should be balanced. If you have extremely internal LOC then you can become over-confident in positive situations and depressed in negative situations. If you have extremely external LOC then you will never learn to take responsibility of things going on in your life. Both the results are negative.

So, it’s my advice to all my readers, be a realist and accept the life as it comes.Then only you can lead a stress-free life. Live life to the fullest, spread love and stay happy… 🙂



  1. Dear Juhi,
    your articles really explain the complex human nature/ reactions in a very simple, easy to understand manner. Present article also explain almost all the possible human reactions behind his / her successes and failures. In a interesting way readers can understand the concept of Internal LOC, External living LOC and external non living LOC. Yes I agree that proper balanced reactions of a person will lead him to a happier and peaceful life. Good one Juhi. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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