Following The Tobacco Trend…Cool or Fool…?????

blog 10                                                               “Smoking is a passive and gradual way to commit suicide.”

Now-a-days, being in trend is the top priority, especially for the youth. Majority of youngsters blindly follow these trends without thinking how it will affect them. One such trend in today’s scenario is smoking.

Today’s young generation has a misconception that cigarette smoking will give them the so called title of ‘cool’. Many a times, to fit in their peer group, or to prove that they are also having a ‘style statement’, they lock down their mind and neglect the known fact that this can prove lethal. Also, if someone in the family is involved in smoking then too a desire to give it a try arise in youngsters mind. And last but not the least, the most strong influence is our media. Generally, in our entertainment industry, to establish the character of a rich, stylish and influential person, he/she is shown smoking a cigar or is portrayed as a chain smoker. Many style icons sport a cigarette for their photo-shoots to look glamorous and sophisticated. One more promoter of this killer habit is the mindset of certain people which states that smoking enhances creativity and helps in coping with stress. Maybe it is right to some extent but increasing your creativity and decreasing your stress at the cost of your life doesn’t seem as a profitable deal to me. Now, all this has a strong impact on the young minds’ perception about smoking. They begin to consider cigarette smoking as a positive practice which is the starting step to enter this cobweb of Tobacco Trend.

The smoking chain can get started with a simple sentence – “Just give it a try.” This ‘one-time trial’ only can lead to one of the most dangerous addictions of the world. Once you have started, the peer group pressure and your own mind will encourage you to continue it. Slowly and gradually, the body and the mind become addicted to it. And after that, quitting smoking is as difficult as it is for a mouse to tie a bell around a cat’s neck. 

Following this trend, the youth thinks they are ‘cool’ but this addiction and its adverse effects actually make them ‘fool’. As I already said, nothing is as important as your health, not even your creativity and stress. If you say that smoking relieves stress, then my dear, you should also be aware about meditation and other regular exercises which not only helps in reducing stress but also helps in maintaining a sound physical and mental health. So why to choose smoking which will not only degrade your body but also weaken your will-power due to addiction. Mind you, only you can support yourself in the best way in your entire life. Your health, both physical and mental, should be your top priority and not following this stupid yet lethal trend.

Smoking will lead you nowhere. It is like a maze with only one exit which you can find only with your strong determination and will-power to quit smoking. But yes, if we already know this then why to enter this maze in the first place? This Tobacco Trend does not deserve even a single try. As we all know, precaution is better than cure. Don’t let anyone influence you to follow this wrong path which will only lead you to your tombstone.

So, in a nutshell, it’s my advice to all my readers, whether smokers or not, SAY NO TO TOBACCO. The non-smokers, don’t even give it a try no matter what. And, for the smokers, well, if you want to lead a healthy and happy life and also want to keep your near and dear ones from the hazardous effects of passive smoking, then please, quit smoking. It’s difficult but it’s not impossible. Be healthy and stay safe… šŸ™‚



  1. Well said Juhi. I find your blog is very useful. These articles can guide many people to choose right path in life. I appreciate your efforts. keep writing.
    Ajay Verma

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