Loyalty or Slavery….?????????

blog 8 In today’s modern world, relationships are very common among youth. Young love is flourishing and is on hike now-a-days. Youngsters have their first love when they have not even passed their school. I am not against it but love is not as simple and beautiful as it sounds. Like it is correctly said, every coin has two sides. And to handle the negative or the complex side of love, maturity is vital from both the people.

Being in a relationship, some unsaid and unheard expectations arise in both the persons involved. And if you both truly love each other, obviously both will try to fulfill those expectations. But this is positive only when these expectations are fair. We all have to understand that being in love doesn’t mean you have to lose your identity and principles. Of-course adjusting is a part and parcel of any relation but we should never compromise our self-respect and values for them. Remember, till the end, only your inner self can give you inner peace. Without this inner peace, even if you reach the zenith of success, you will never be satisfied. And this inner self will be at peace when it does not carry any guilt or grudges. Guilt crops up when we go against our values, whether for ourselves or for any other person.

Also, one thing which should never be forgotten for a happy life is that never trust anyone or anyhing blindly. If your partner actually loves you, he/she will respect your values and even appreciate you for not going against them. And if your partner leaves you for this petty issue of not obeying them blindly, then dear, understand that he/she never really loved you. You have someone better for you in your future.

Just remember, you are a lover, not a slave who is obligated to complete their each and every order. Maintaining your individuality in a relationship is very important for you and your self-respect. Never sacrifice it for anyone. Your true love will be with you no matter what. Don’t chase demons when you deserve an angel who will accept you with your values.

So, it’s my advice to all my readers that never ever compromise your self-respect. In a perfect relationship, companionship between emotional heart and logical mind is very important. Trust, but don’t trust blindly, because if it all ends badly then it can mentally destroy you. But yes, love also has a very beautiful side to it, if you handle it with maturity and care. Love yourself, be happy an spread love…:-) 🙂



  1. Been through that. I was a fool to be a slave for him and for my own stupidity. Everybody makes mistakes when it comes to relationship but what matters is that you are able to pick yourself up and learn from it. These things will make you a stronger person.

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  2. The complexity of true love and relationship is beautifully explained. Of-course no one should compromise his/her self respect irrespective of his/her true love towards the partner. Well said, keep writing such guiding articles.

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  3. truly well-written article abt relationship .relationship should be handle wid care ,love and maturity …nice article ..keep writing useful article

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