blog 7Now a days, we find that many social networking sites, Internet, books and even minds of people are brimming with quotations like, “Love yourself”, “You are best in your own way”, etc. etc. I completely support and agree to these statements as they are necessary to build up confidence. But as its said, excess of anything can be lethal. There has to be a limit to everything, also to loving yourself.

In psychology, there is a term known as Narcissism. It is used to describe a personality trait which represents the degree to which people have over confidence and pride for themselves.

This term ‘Narcissism’, evolved from a Greek myth where a king named ‘Narcissus’ saw his own reflection in the lake and fell in love with himself.

High degree of Narcissism results in proud, grandiose sense of oneself and it forms a belief in an individual that everyone exists for his/her purposes and he/she is superior of all.

This personality trait, in real life, generally gives negative results as no one in this world wants to be dominated, and highly narcissistic people know nothing but to dominate people for their own purposes. They are so full of self-praise that they never notice their own flaws and believe that everyone is obligated to follow them.

Now how to deal with this? There can be two cases : 

1. You have to deal with a Narcissistic person.

2. You yourself have a high degree of Narcissism.

In first case, when you notice the key behaviors of this trait in someone, form this image in your mind that according to him/her, you are nothing in front of them. That person will try to use you for fulfilling their own purpose. You have to act accordingly.

Now, the complex case – when you realize you are Narcissist. As we have already discussed above, Narcissistic people don’t see their own flaws, so there are very less chances of you yourself realizing this trait. But yes, if your near and dear ones, your friends or your colleagues warn you about this trait then pay attention to that warning. I know, it is very tough, actually nearly impossible for a Narcissist to accept their weaknesses but I will suggest that at-least try to pay attention to what people around you are saying. Talk to someone whom you trust or you feel you are close to. And then just try to accept the fact that you have a high degree of self-pride. Half of the work is done if you only accept this. After you have completed this half journey, just try to convince your inner-self that everybody on this earth is equal and unique. None of them is superior or inferior. If you are the best in field A then other person is maybe the best in field B. No one is better or worse than you. You don’t need to feel that someone is better than you or worse than you. You just have to be convinced that we all are equal. If you do that, then you will get rid of your over confidence to some extent and you will gain the precious self-confidence which is of vital importance to survive. All the negative effects of this trait will be gone as soon as you begin looking at everyone as equals.

So, now all my readers, whether Narcissistic or not, know how to deal with this phenomenon. I hope you all will realize your actual worth after reading this. As you are important and unique……like everybody else. 😉 


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