blog 5World is changing. Scenario is changing. “Namastey” became “Hello” and “Maa & Pitaji” became “Mom & Dad”. We are living in a dynamic cobweb of life where every second something is changing, advancing, developing. This is the major reason for the very common problem now a days which is generally termed as GENERATION GAP.

“Dad doesn’t understand me” ; “My mom is old fashioned” ; and blah blah blah. I hear these stereotyped statements often in my day to day life. Actually, problem lies in a very basic concept of psychology, that is, perception which simply means giving meaning to the environment around us. This perception differs from person to person, and it somewhat depends on our environment and surroundings. Our parents or the people elder than us, belong to a different environment. It is pretty obvious that their perception about every action and reaction is very different from us. Our perception is moulded according to today’s scenario. This is the reason behind the differences in opinions of the two generations which mainly causes conflicts between them. This conflict is caused due to a psychological phenomenon which is related to perception and is called cognitive dissonance. It simply refers to the confusion or the discomfort caused when things go way different than the mind map that we have formed according to our perception. In this case, nobody is completely right or wrong. It is just about different minds and their different mapping. But, is there any ‘Bob, The Builder’ who can build a bridge to fill this gap?

As far as my thinking and understanding goes, no third person can bridge this gap except the people on the sides of this gap. Only mutual understanding between the two generations can curb this problem. And actually, if we think, it is not a very complex problem, if solved on the initial stage. But yes, if ignored, it can grow to become a impenetrable wall between the people belonging to the different generations. This will automatically result in loss for both of them. Younger generation will loose the experience of their elders and older generation will loose the care and respect they deserve and need. Therefore, this small problem should not be taken very lightly and it should be solved as early as possible. This can happen only when we free our perception from biasness and selectivity and also when we try to understand other’s point of view. As I already mentioned earlier, only mutual understanding can bridge this gap which requires love and care.

So, in a nutshell, generation gap should not be ignored to an extreme end where it forces the 2 generations apart. Understanding, love and care towards each other are very basic remedies for this disease. Both generations need each other for a happy life, and therefore, efforts should be from both the sides. So all my readers, spread love and stay happy..:-)



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