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We all have come across many comments like “Eyes are the mirrors of the soul.” ; “Face reflects your innermost emotions.” and a very common one, “Action speaks louder than words.” Do these comments actually make sense? To know the answer to this question, we first need to understand their meaning.

All these sentences are targeting non-verbal communication or in other words, the unspoken language. This unspoken language mainly constitute expressions, gazes, gestures and body language. These attributes actually can unhide our inner true self.

We always notice that we react and behave differently according to our mood, emotions and external situations. Sweaty palms and shaking legs while experiencing nervousness and not making an eye contact while lying to somebody. These small signs can communicate a lot about you and your current emotional and mental state.

Facial expressions during happiness, sadness, anger, fear and disgust highly vary and these expressions can directly showcase your feelings without you uttering a single word. Similarly different types of stares and gazes may suggest liking and friendliness or unfriendliness and shyness. Also, avoiding looking in each others eyes during conversation is absolute sign of deception.

Last but not the least, our body language is a clear reflection of all the chaos going inside our mind, whether positive or negative. Body language is nothing but the cues provided by the position, posture and movement of our body parts.

Body language can reveal many emotional states. Also, gestures, which are precisely our body movements, can express way more about us than we think. A clenched fist can show anger while hands folded across the chest may show disagreement.

This unspoken language has one more part which we can call as the para-language. It is nothing but the linguistic style or the aspects of speech apart from the meaning of word employed. For example, when people are lying, the pitch of their voices often rises.

Now, if this unspoken language is not in sync with the spoken words, then dude, something is really fishy !!!!!

So now, I think, all my readers will try to listen carefully to this silent speech and will be able to groom themselves better as well as understand other people better. 🙂


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