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We all have one dream, one final goal, one final destination where we all want to reach. It may change as we keep on achieving the previous goals but one thing remains constant – your chosen path to achieve your goal. Now, if you had to choose between a right path and your goal, then what would you choose? This question can crop a feud up between your heart and mind, and this can be very disturbing.

In psychology, there is a personality attribute known as machiavellianism (mach) which measures the degree to which you are goal oriented or path oriented. This personality attribute will decide the priority you give to your chosen road or your destination.

Now, people with strong Mach tendencies will be manipulative, maintain an emotional distance and believe that ends justify means. While people with low Mach tendencies will be rule abidy and will give importance to the path rather than the goal. But who among these are successful? That’s uncertain.

According to me, having high Mach characteristic is a direct indication of you giving very less importance to ethics. I believe, goal achievement is important but not on the cost of your ethics.

In today’s corrupt world, where there is dirty politics in every walk of life, it is very difficult to follow ethics every time. But as far as my thinking goes, ethics should be followed but not to the extent where it begins creating massive roadblocks in your path.

Let’s take an example. You and your colleague are assigned to do a presentation on a certain topic. The better presentation will be rewarded. Now this colleague of yours always cheats and wins and you are aware of this. Your goal is to give a better presentation with honesty. Now, he comes to you asking for some ideas. Our ethics say that you should help him, but here, helping him will be like digging the grave for your own presentation. Here, you should just concentrate on your work and refuse to help him by not following the rules and ethics. You have to be honest and you should not cheat. That’s the only ethic you should follow.

So, I believe, all my readers will now try to understand this very fine line of difference between following ethics and being an idiot by serving your success to someone else. If you are able to understand this, then no one can stop you from reaching the zenith of success. 🙂


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