blog 1We often hear people say, ‘our points of view are different’. What does this actually mean ? Why different people have different ways of understanding a particular thing or event ? The answer lies in perception.

In very simple words, perception means giving meaning to the environment around us. Now, why perception is an important factor to determine our success? Well, it is of vital importance because, in sense, it reflects our inside thoughts, our personality and our attitude. And, we all know, success primarily depends on our attitude. Attitude, or in other words, our thinking towards a particular task or event or person, is like a tyre to our vehicle of success. A bad attitude will act like a flat tyre which will get your vehicle nowhere. Now, how can we know what factors influence our perception ? And, more importantly, even if we come to know the factors, how can we mould our perception towards improvement?

There can be various factors affecting our perception, like, needs and desires ; personality; experience; etc. For instance, a secure person will understand people better and percieve others positively while an insecure person will fail to see the positive points in an individual.

The classic example of half full or half empty glass of water appropriately describes the variations in perceptions.

What we need to focus on is that how to keep our perception accurate. We need to know how to keep our perception free from impurities like biasing and stereotyping.

According to me, we need not be an optimist or pessimist. We need to be a realist.

A realist will see the situation as it is and will be able to derive the pros and cons in a better way which will result in a better analysis and in turn a better decision.

We should be able to understand the circumstances in exactly the way they are and during percieving anything, we should not be interrupted by our own logic and emotions.

For example, if you are a HR manager and the employee union has burnt a company bus due to a feud between union and management  then there can be different reactions coming to this same situation.

  • An optimist will think that now higher manager will have to deal with this serious situation and they will make everything better.
  • A pessimist will think that his job is ruined as he was not able to control the situation.
  • A realist will think of the ways by which the company can compensate the losses caused by this chaotic situation and will come up with ideas by which a bilateral solution for the management and the union can be derived.

Now we all can see which is the best way to perceive and deal with the situation.

So all people out there, be a realist and see how life decisions will become as easy to take as choosing our favourite colour. Be a realist and fully devour the nectar of a blissful, happy life. 🙂


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