Have you ever come across a situation where you have to choose between your emotions and practical decisions? The dilemma we face in this situation can be very much mind boggling and confusing and often we end up taking wrong decisions. The reason behind this is, we ourselves are not sure about the decisions we take.

Helping a friend to pass an exam by cheating or let him fail by following THE BEST POLICY – HONESTY. Hiding your partner’s faults because you care for them or not supporting them in their wrong acts to correct them.

These are those two way roads which we come across in our day to day life. Sometimes there can be a middleway, sometimes not. But how can we deal with it?

The most important thing to remember here is THERE IS NO PERFECT DEFINED WAY TO DEAL WITH SUCH CHOICES. It all depends on our priorities. As we all know, psychology is the only science which has no particular definition. Every mind is different and every mind thinks differently.

According to me, we should take both our mind and heart into account while taking any life decision, whether it is big or small. If firstly we logically think the pros and cons of the choices we have and take a decision and then handle the consequences of that decision emotionally, then I think, chances of the decision being wrong can be decreased.

For instance, if we don’t help our friend in cheating and after the examination, we help him/her in preparation and fully support them emotionally and boost their confidence then it will be fruitful for both, our friend and us.

We all love cricket, and all cricket lovers know that a good partnership can help the team win a big match. Similarly, a good partnership between our logical mind and emotional heart can help us lead a successful and happy life.

So friends, in a nutshell, we can say that, being too logical or being too emotional can actually escort us to our failure. Its all the game of balance. If you master this game, then success is all yours…:-) 


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